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VMOA car show really fun

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Well I had a great time at this years show. I ended up winning the "Most in need of repair" They really laughed at the rusty floor pans. We had quite a few VMOA winners. I always like the way BAMA yells out when they win an award. The black Boss 429 won" Best of show" again. Now it's time to get some rest. Steve
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I had a really good time there too, it was the first time I had ever showed this car. Come to think of it, it was the first time I've showed any car.

If your car was the one with the wrench on the passenger seat (and of course lots of rust), I voted for you in the "Most in need of repair" category. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Sorry Steve I didn't vote for you in most need of repair. I voted for the Black Boss 429. I seemed to remember seeing a screw that was metal colored instead of the correct BLACK so that's why it got my vote./forums/images/icons/laugh.gif/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Thanks for getting the registration info while I played stop light at the check in lanes.
Ok, I'll brag...1st in my class. VMOA pride.
I think the most fun was running our Mustangs after the show...Mikey here and one other VMOA memeber.
We par-took in a 'friskie' juant to kill time before the was great!

Jerry, Jeff T, Shaun, Kent, Mike, zieroh, Stan, and myself were there. VMF pride.
I was there, but with no stang. I had to leave early. I could not believe how many 64.5 -66 verts there were. Last year at our show we only had 2. I'll be there next year.
Ok, I'll brag...1st in my class. VMOA pride.

Congrats on the win! Your car certainly merits it.

I didn't stick around for the award ceremony, as I didn't expect to win anything, and in any case had other plans that evening.
Yup i was there Had a Great Time! met a lot of good people

Well i ended up with a second place in my class, i got beat out by a really nice 428 Mach 1 ? ( I think he would have still gotten first place in the Mach 1 class) anyway it ended up being a nice relaxing day

Ragtop also got an award! Congrats KEN!


i got beat out by a really nice 428 Mach 1

That's a bum deal, Jerry. They shoulda moved that Mach 1 to the appropriate class. It was certainly a nice Mach, and I would have voted for it in the Mach class, but since it wasn't classed appropriately I voted for you. I'm sorry to hear more people didn't follow suit.
It was not just that, i spent $60 for the dinner that was a Big Joke very unorginized! Did not make VMOA look very good kind of a shame

Oh well no more Nitmare

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