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Sorry to be so far off topic, but I'm looking for honest advice if
anyone can help. I need to line-up a tenor sax for my 6th grader for the coming school year. After learning that this is one of the more expensive instruments to rent, (why am I not surprised...), I'm considering buying a used one. Can anyone make any suggestions regarding make or model and accesories ? I have no experience here, and I'm afraid I'll become someones sucker...

Thanks for any help,

Steve O

p.s. you don't have one sitting around do you ?

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Good Luck. I played Tenor Sax through Jr. High and High School. It is an easy and fun instrument to play. It is also VERY easy to get one that is way out of tune. You are rolling the dice on anything you do not get from a music store, and then you are at the mercy of the stores honesty if you are buying used. These are also heavy instruments, my elementary school marched in parades. Will your kid? I did it, and it was quite the work out. They sell new saxophones on ehay very cheep. These are inexpensive instruments that are by no means professional, but will do fine for early school use. I see them on ehay for around $450. IF you rent it for school for 9 or 10 months and it costs $45 dollars a month or more, you might as well buy one. Schools tend to have a working relationship with a local music shop. Ask the bandleader who to go to, he or she will not want crappy instruments in their band and should send you to a good place. If you have more questions, send me PM.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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