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I was just getting used to the old forums. I had my post numbers up to like a whoppin 50 or so. That was about a year and a 1/2's worth of work. Can I get like a carry over or somethin? Maybe my status updated to a tire kicker? I haven't been staying too current on this new forum thing. What was the reason for change? Anyway, sorry for the wasted space. Tim

I’m located in Cary, NC
My phone# is (919)-388-8311
call from 5 to 10pm
Thanks, Tim

10,588 Posts
Get in line!!! hehehe

I did over 3400 in 10 months and now am relegated to wrench turner status....!!

I demand a recount!!!


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It took me two years to get almost 200 so I'll probably be a stranger for a couple of months.

1967 Coupe
Auto w/C4
302 w/Edelbrock 1406 carb and Edelbrock intake
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