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Do this!

(I was reading a post by Camachinist related to all the pic tests and thought I'd share this method)

First, clear your cache (French?)

Pick a post,...any post, select "Reply". Enter your test reply making sure "I want to preview my post is checked".

Hit "Continue"

Now preview your post. If your picture works,...ok, your done,.. hit cancel so you don't post something meaningless to someones elses question.

Otherwise, hit cancel,..and try to fix your problem and then come back and repeat the procedure again after picking some else post at random.. until you figure it out!

(This way you don't have to clutter up the board with tests (and the embarrassment of testing).'ll look like some sort of HTML guru and no one will know you stayed up all night alone in the cold trying to get that [email protected]#$%^&* picture to work!
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