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I have too many cars and not enough dry storage or time for multiple projects. I would like to trade 2, 3, or 4 of my cars for something interesting vintage Ford/Mercury of like (combined) value...Mustang? Fairlane? Torino? Cougar? (Mopar?)

As a minimum, I want to at least trade BOTH my 1972 Ford Ranger 3/4 ton 4x4 (original 360/4spd Portland Oregon car, original 105K miles, stock, fresh paint--very good condition, worth $10-11K) AND my 1964.5 "D" code coupe (original never opened 289/4spd, 138K miles, eastern WA car, worth about $5K). My family has outgrown my truck and the Mustang is getting ready to lose it's covered storage and get tarped, which it doesn't deserve.

For the right trade, I would ALSO throw in my 1977 Corvette 350/4spd (also very original, Oregon car, worth about $6K)...I am reluctant to part with my '69 351W "H" code 4 speed coupe, but will part with it, too, for the right trade (worth $5K).

So, if you're kind of local and would like to trade me for my truck and '64.5 coupe +/- the Corvette, drop me a line. I can supply better, detailed photos and details on the cars as well, but PLEASE, no tire kickers or picture collectors. [email protected]
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