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Previous owner removed AC from expansion valve on. Anybody have a source that can tell me all the mounting components, i.e. A/C mount, Idler pulley, brackets, etc.

Understand I'll need compressor, condensor, dryer, and the lines, but all the mounting hardware is gone and the shop manual doesn't detail this.

Thanks, this VMF is great.

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Call up Classic Auto Air in Florida ((813) 251-2356) and ask them for a catalog. In it they have exploded diagrams for each engine and interior components and the part numbers that go with them. My recommendation is to buy everything new. If you are given the option of buying rebuilt or new, buy new. I bought everything new but the compressor and that is exactly what failed. When I get around to fixing it AGAIN I'll buy a NEW compressor. You get a better warranty anyway with a new part.
Good luck.
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