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My girlfriend is going away to school and I would like to start a new project. I really like the old mustangs 64-70. I would like to restore one and I want to build it from the ground up. I don't want to spend much intially. IF you have any mustangs available email [email protected] thanks! Willing to travel to general east, northeast area also ------I would like to appoligize for relisting this wanted add, I just want to make it apparent that I am still looking

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what do you consider cheap? I have a 68 conv, in solid shape, you could easily spend 7+ thousand dollars to put a rusted out mustang back together. I am asking 5500 for mine, it has solid floors, frames, rails, 1/4's & doors. it need the interior reupholstered & nose put back together( I have most of the nose pieces) tp is in good shape & the car was a 6 cyl. I have removed the engine to make way for a V8
if you are interested, let me know
[email protected]
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