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One of my Winter Projects has been to go through my TSB's (which are voluminous covering 1953-1994) to see what I am missing, and where. In the October 1964 through September of 1971 Series (174 TSB's in total), I find that I am only lacking 3 from having the complete Series. I am missing #1 (not numbered), which contains Articles 1-22, #109 (Dated February 14, 1969), and #110 (Dated between February 14, 1969 and March 14, 1969).

Interestingly, the first 5 TSB's in this Series were not numbered, but only Dated, and contained consecutive Article Numbers, All TSB's beginning with #6 were then consecutively numbered through #174.

Realizing that someone having extra originals of the three I am missing would be very unlikely, I will gladly accept good photocopies or 200 dpi scans of each.

Please PM me if you can help fill this void. This Series would all have the Blue Header like the attached Copy of #2.


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