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Well, decided to do some of the interior stuff today while SWMBO is at work, and I can take over to dining room table without creating an issue!!! I pulled out the rear seat I bought and started the patch process for the two small tears on the base. The filler takes four hours to dry, so that was the first to get done. Then I decided to use black vinyl to fill in the pistol grips (where the wood grain was) for the doors. After 2 hours of trial and alot of error, I got two inserts that fit pretty good. Mixed the epoxy, put it all together, and now more waiting. I found the old white door pull cups and brackets in the trunk, so they got scrubbed, and on went a coat of rustoleum. Then the set of repro kick panels got the carpet applied and clamped in place with a little more epoxy. Used pieces of quarter round, and they clamped up pretty easy. I applied the last 2 coats of rust converter to what is left of the old floor, and rustoleum to the bottom of the new pan( already did the POR 15, and primer). Now I can just sit back, sip a cold one, play with the boys, and watch paint dry, along with vinyl, and epoxy.....
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