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Hi, i have a 65 mustang and I was putting the 4 inch fan shroud on and it started fine and ran great for about 5 minutes. Then I guess the shroud shifted and the fan hit it. The engine died. I pulled the shroud out and started the car back up. Now there is a ticking sound coming from the engine. If I squeeze the upper radiator hose it gets really loud, It sounds like metal against metal. Does this mean my pump is bad? And how hard is it to change on a car with power steering and a/c? Thanks

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Try this. Remove the fan belt(s) from the water pump. Start the engine, see if the noise is gone. Don't run the engine long (or it will overheat), just long enough to verify that the noise is indeed the pump.

With the engine off while the belts are off, spin that fan like you're spinning for the lottery ... see if you hear the noise.

Once you've determined the noise is the water pump, yes, it will need to be replaced. It's not a difficult job at all, but the A/C and PS will definately add to the time it takes. Don't disconnect them, simply remove them from the brackets and push the out of the way enough to change the pump.

Careful on torquing down the water pump bolts ... they strip/break way too easy (don't ask how I know *LOL*)

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Thanks alot! I will do exactly that tomorrow.

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