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water pump removal

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Hey, thanks for the help in advance. Right, so im going to pull my block to take it to the machine shop and get it cleaned up and bored. Never had the engine this torn down before so it's kind of a learning experience. Im stuck at the water pump. I have all the bolts out and all the brackets are taken off, but it wont budge, what am i missing? Also, what else needs to come off BEFORE i pull the motor? And what should still be on/in the block when i take it to the machine shop? Thanks for the help, any other comments would be appreciated too.
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are you sure you have all the bolts out???? on some engines, there is a bolt that threads thru the top edge FROM THE BACK SIDE of the timing cover into the water pump.

The block should have nothing bolted to it if you want the machine shop to just machine the block. Most charge for anything they have to do.
If your 100% sure *ALL* the bolts are out, whack it hard a few times on the sides with a rubber mallet. Don't hit it on the snout, just the sides. I had to do that to get mine to come loose. Good luck /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
I just did the same job this weekend (although with the engine in the car /forums/images/icons/wink.gif ) and had the same problem. I put the pulley wheel back on the snout of the water pump (without the fan) to have something to hold onto, and then just leaned all my body weight down on it. It popped off. The gasket was pretty well glued on, and kept the pump held to the block.
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