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Well, I finally found the time to install my water pump yesterday (along with a few other items).

Filled the cooling system back up today and fired her up. Only one tiny leak, and it was cured with no problem. The curious thing is all the sounds coming from the new pump. They aren't extremely loud; but with the hood up they're pretty obvious.

I know that groaning is a sign that an old pump is on its way out - and this is not that same sound. But it's enough to notice for sure. It's a whistle for a couple minutes then a whirring; then silence then the whistle again at a higher pitch, and so on.

This is a new Ford water pump by the way (not rebuilt). Among the other items I installed at this time is new fan belt, flex fan, hoses, and 4-row radiator with shroud. The belt is tight and the fan has no wobble at all.

Does a new water pump have to be run for a while to eliminate these sounds? Could it just be trapped air working its way through or something? Anyone else ever heard these sounds?

By the way - As I backed out of my driveway for its initial run around the block, the temp was higher than it ever has been in this car. But after 20 yards or so, it dropped to normal very quickly. I'm assuming the pump is working fine based on this.
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