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I'm getting ready to replace the water pump on the 351W.

I'm wondering what my options are and/or what you guys would recommend. Are there optional inlet/outlet locations, I need to worry about? I'm thinking of just going stock (presently have no temp problems). I briefly priced an aluminum pump (Edelbrock), but expensive. This is a street car.

I have power steering and am planning on adding an AC.

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There some sort of difference in SBF water pumps between the 1969 and 1970 model years.

I purchased a Milodon aluminum higher volume pump for approx $80 from Jegs ( [url] [/url]). You can order on-line, and get details about their differences.


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Good luck changing your water pump at all. If it's been on there very long I always manage to come up with a broken bolt or can't get the bolt out of the alternator.

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The difference between the 69 and 70 water pumps is a biggie. The 69 has a passenger side inlet where as the 70's is on the driver's side.

Currently on my 351W, I've just got an aftermarket stock type aluminum replacement. I think that is about the only thing that is currently stock on the whole car. * LOL* It does an adequate job of keeping the car cool. But it still needs to be tested when the warmer summer months get here.

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