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I just got the waterpump off of my '66 289 and it looks fine - perfect in fact. No sepage, it appears, at the weephole and no slop in the bushing. What could it be?

I did notice when I removed it that there appeared to be no gasket material at the very bottom of the pump - it was just very wet w/ no blue sealer or gasket. Could I have blown a waterpump gasket after only 800 miles on a rebuild? It seems that's what happened to our VMF'r who had his car driven by the shop.

To put all guesswork aside, can the pump be tested by a shop or something? Otherwise, I'll spend the $50 and get another one to be safe.


'66 signal flare red coupe with styled steel wheels
289 4bbl. w/ PS, PB, AC, white interior with a bench seat, deluxe seatbelt option, an extra seatbelt in the back for my three kids, and a tissue dispenser (good for an extra 15 HP!)

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Was it a new pump or a rebuilt? Have seen more than one
rebuilt let go. You may also consider useing permetex #2
putting it back together, it won't leak.

66 Coupe, 289/2v, C4, CA Red
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