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The previous owner of my '66 put the trunk weatherstrip on the car side lip, not the trunk lid itself. It leaked so I removed it and am putting it on the trunk lid. However, I've got lots of black weatherstrip glue on the trunk opening lip. Any easy way to remove it without taking all my paint with it?

In other news, I hacked a huge hole in my dash last night to accept a modern radio. The dash was already hacked some, so it's not a total miscarriage of justice. However, I don't typically like hacksawing my car...

'66 289/5sp

3M makes a weatherstrip adhesive remover solvent. Some chain auto stores may carry it, or try an autobody supply store. And use with adequate ventilation - the stuff gives off all kinds of fumes. I've also used it on an '80's Mustang to remove the adhesive that holds the "5.0" badge on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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