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I just bought a weatherstriping kit for my 66 coupe. It's the kit with the felt strips (cat wiskers) that clips-on along the doors here the windows roll down (where people rest there arms out the window).

Questions....for the driver and passenger door there is a thick piece and a thinner piece, does the thicker piece go on the inside or the outside door rail? Also, do I have to drop the back windows off there tracks as well to install the rear pieces?

Thanks, Greg.

With the window rolled up and the interior panel out, reach inside to the bottom of the door and remove the rubber stopper (Twist a bit). This will allow the window to drop further down and give you room to install the felt. Put a bit of grease on the rubber stopper to help put it back into place. As for what side goes where, I would have to look at my car to make sure.

Good Luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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