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weaving on the road?

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I just did the Granada swap (disc brakes). I bought a set of 5 lug wheels with tires on them already, so I now have two 5-lug rims up front, and two 4-lug rims in the back. All of the tires are 215/60/14, I had the aligment done to +2.5 caster, 0 camber, 1/8" toe-in.

Anyway, when Im driving around at above 40 MPH, the car weaves around from side to side, it definitely feels like the tires are messed up somehow. I have new tires in back, and old tires up front. The only other thing I can think of is that the wheels have a little more backspacing than the rear tires. The front tires stick out more than the rear, but probably not more than 1" on both sides, could this be causing the weaving problem??
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I seriously doubt the tires would make it said steering is new, including the steering box?

If everything IS new, take it back to the alignment guy and get feedback from him, perhaps even asking him to re-measure the alignment settings as they are now.
I used to have an old Pontiac with Polyglass radials. I doubt they still make them today, but they used to track the ruts in the pavement made by trucks.
thats what it feels like, like the tires are tracking the road, and the wandering only happens occasionally and never on newly paved roads.
I'm sure I'll get some arguments on this,but from my experience,1/8 toe in is too much.The strut rod bushings on your car now are much harder and compress less than those made in the 60's.The original bushings were very soft and a 1/8 toe setting(sometimes as much as 1/4)was necessary.Any less than this,and the car would pull to one side under hard braking.The first time I used a set of MOOG strut bushings(they have metal supports inside the rubber),my car drove terrible and I thought I'd never diagnose it.That was 1979.After a lot experiments over the years,I set them all at 1/32,and 1/16 at the very most,if someone insists.Using this setting,you'll find that the steering will not need constant correcting,if everything else is in order.After setting the toe in,test drive the car and make several hard stops from about 50 mph.If it stops straight,there's enough toe in.Let us know what happens...
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theres no pulling when braking, only when I am driving around, it seems to have gotten better as the tires become rounder in the front
With 1/8 toe in,it likely will never pull while braking.Try reducing the toe in and then test it,let us know what happens...
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