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Have any of you fellow 6ers installed one of these carb systems? I have fixed the linkage problems...but the problem is that when driving is just doesn't feel like it wants to accelerate faster. I know it should go faster...the carb is huge for that engine.



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Did you opt for the 2 barrel Weber? DGV or DGS? Man I've been real close to Clifford for over a year now and I'm really dissapointed in how they push the 2 barrel conversion. I tried it myself before I knew any better. What it boils down to is funneling a bigger carb into the same hole. It isn't flowing more air. Possibly a little but not enough to really feel a difference. If you want to talk some more come vist our forum:

Ford Six Peformance Forums

From our *research*, if you will, best performance will be had with a large Carter YF one barrel from an early 70's 300 truck engine.


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