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Website's up!

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Hello there!

Well, I joined the webbers among you by creating a website. Actually my girlfriend made it. Credit where credit is due!!

For now, it has a simple page on my mustang. Basically describing how I got her. It also shows the pics from the day I bought her and the state it is in now. Well not quite, because as we speak the car has been totally stripped and parked at a body shop for a bare metal respray. Pictures to follow as they are developped.

When time permits I will add texts for your information. But, as I plan on doing a full report on my mustang project I haven't done so yet.

I'd love for you all to visit and sign the guestbook. I often drop in on most of your sites as well (thanks Bishir for the VMF Parking lot, it's very convenient!!).

Of course, the site also features other things that keep us busy, like my girlfriends new hip, her chronic fibromyalgia and our dogs....

The website can be found here:

Thanks for staying with me! See you later..


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