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Weekend Road Trip

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I took about a 800 mile road trip over the weekend. Great day to be behind the wheel

(Gotta love the T5 on the highway)

My buddy's family Ford dealership was low on cars, but they had some nice family owned cars in the show room:

2020 Heritage Edition GT350. Very low miles.

2013? Boss 302

And a real deal '65 GT350 (Yes, someone put '66 windows in it) They raced it in SCCA in the early-mid '70s and then SVRA in the 80's

That's only a portion of the stable. That 2020 would be fun to drive!
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Looks and sounds like a blast. Some really good looking cars you posted pictures of that you got to see.
Yep, life long friends. I have been around that '65 since I was about 10. Hanging around them is why I have a Mustang.
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