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Weird phenomenae of nature

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For the last few days I've noticed the RH mirror of the '78 Futura would be out of adjustment. It wasn't loose and it never was out of adjustment exactly the same way. Well, this morning as I was getting the paper I caught a bunch of small birds pecking the side view mirrors of the T-birds and Futura!

Birds are so strange. Looks like I'll have to cover the mirror overnight, you know what birds do...


Dean T

Shikatta Ga Nai - "It cannot be helped"
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that's weird!

I had a strange thing happen a couple of years ago. I kept getting woken up early in the morning to this very strange metalic "poing" sound that I could not figure out where it was coming from. It would reoccur every few seconds. After about 2 months of this I finaly found the culprit. There was some strange looking big bird that was pecking my TV antenna on top of my house and it would ring for a few seconds. These guys have there own reality........... *G*.

Love hard, drive fast, wear your seat belt.

PS, thats's my 'bird...... My Mustang is too ugly to take pictures of yet........*G*.
My neighborhood went thru this last month. From what I understand is that it is the bird's and the bee's thing and since it is mating season the male birds if they see another male they will try to chase it away. Birds not having huge brains will sit on your door and notice this other bird looking straight at it, whooya the fight is on. The bird will fight it's reflection till it gets tired, what a waste of energy. It is a total nuisance for they crap all over your door and can scratch up your mirror. It is comical to look up the street and see that everyone has wrapped their mirrors with bags.
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