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Welder Advise

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I’m getting together all the tools need for my 67 FB restoration. Since I need to replace some frame rails and sheet metal one of those tools is a mig welder. The last time I welded was 30 years ago and it was a stick welder. Since I’ve never mig welded I need your help in buying one. I’ve been looking at the Lincoln and Hobart 130 and 140 amp welders. I can purchase the 130 amp machine for around $400, the 140 amp is around $500. I can’t see where an extra 10 amps is worth $100. I would appreciate any guidance you could give me which welder to go with and why. Thanks for your help.
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This is what I have at home. Great welder, you can set on & off times to stitch weld sheet metal, set just on time to plug weld. Polarity is reverse polarity as well. Transformer is wound with copper, not aluminum. A real quality welder! MIG 140 Welding Package, Welding Gun Accessories, Metal Working, Welder Supplies |

I have a Lincoln 140 amp on my truck set up for flux core which works well too. With 120 volt welders just make sure you have a good branch circuit at home. With 120 volts, voltage drop is four times greater then the same welder on a 240 volt circuit. I run mine on a #10 wire. Voltage drop should be no more then 3%, measure voltage by welder while running and not at the outlet on the wall.
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