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Welder Advise

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I’m getting together all the tools need for my 67 FB restoration. Since I need to replace some frame rails and sheet metal one of those tools is a mig welder. The last time I welded was 30 years ago and it was a stick welder. Since I’ve never mig welded I need your help in buying one. I’ve been looking at the Lincoln and Hobart 130 and 140 amp welders. I can purchase the 130 amp machine for around $400, the 140 amp is around $500. I can’t see where an extra 10 amps is worth $100. I would appreciate any guidance you could give me which welder to go with and why. Thanks for your help.
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I also suggest you consider what upgrades have to be made to weld aluminum with a spool gun. Some older models have expensive spool gun attachments or none at all. Some of the newer models have affordable spool gun attachments that makes welding aluminum much easier. You may not plan on it now, but at some point, you will wish you had the capability.

I have an older miller 175. It hasn't faulted once. Typically, the better, costlier units have better, more durable electronics. ie: motherboard.
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