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Welding tank

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For those that do their own sheet metal mig welding, how big are your tanks?
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They come in different sizes. I think mine is an 125 or 150cf tank. For an occasional welder/hobbyist, it lasts me a long time and fits in my welding cart.

Here's a helpful chart I found online.
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With my first tank full, I did a little big of welding on a 52 Dodge Truck project and most of the welding on my mustang so far (maybe 200-300 plug welds and welding up the shock towers and frame rails). I also did a ton of practice welding.

I'll get you a picture of my welder cart later today and will post it up. My cart came from Northern Tool.
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My tank is smaller than I thought (that's what she said last night). :)

Looks like it's an 80cf
Measures about 33" tall where the stem comes out of the top of the tank.


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I recently used AirGas to exchange another company's bottle and pricing was fair. They seem to be all over the place too.
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