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well... my turn to be the doofus

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its not to bad but anyways. i was trying to save my disposable measuring cups so decided to mix the primer in a regular plastic drinking cup, it mixes 1:1 so i just eyeballed it. well im sitting there stirring it up and it starts pouring out. at first i thought i had stirred it too fast and it was splashing out but then it started pouring out. i grabbed my gun and tried picking up the cup but it ripped in half. the bottom half was still full of primer so i barely got a grip on it and lifted it up. the bottom just fell out and primer went everywhere. what a mess. well sorry to bore u with my stupid story but i for sure learned another "painting" lesson.

Corpus Christi TX
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you think thats bad... i had my vent windows in my room under my bed while i was changing the doors etc... so one day my dog came in and decided to "mark his territory on them". . . needless to say i spent a while playing with windex and towels if you know what i mean
I didn't get past the first sentence and started laughing, I knew what was coming. I did the same thing one time. Isn't it crazy that we buy disposable mixing cups and such but try to save money by NOT using them! Don't feel bad we all earn the award sooner or later.

Drive on. Dennis

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Same thing, read the first line and cracked up. Been there, done that..

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I'm just rolling around. Hey I'll meet you at the corner of "Walk" and "Don't Walk". Ha

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order arrive....wait....look at parts...wait....scratch crotch...wait....look at rust bucket...sigh...scratch again
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