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what a steal 350 dollars for this coupe

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1967 Mustang VIN/Dataplate Info
Dataplate Breakdown:
Body: Hardtop, Standard Interior, Bucket Seats
Color: Acapulco Blue
[Interior] Trim: Blue standard
Date: 19 of June (1st year)
DSO: Memphis
Trans: 3-Speed Manual

VIN (Warrenty Number) Breakdown:
7 = 1967
E = Invalid Code
01 = Hardtop
C = 289-2v
213172 = Consecutive unit number #213172

not bad for 350 huh? only wish it had the 289 in it still
*formerly the sprint i was talking about*

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lol i remember that thing, ugh, glad i didn't buy it *wreck*

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