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What are the chances while you are on your way home from the Shelby Show at Ford World HQ and you see a GT40 parked on the exit ramp about a mile from your home? I stopped, of course, and it was a *REAL* GT40 coming home from the Meadowbrook Concours. As it turns out, it was Jim Kinsler (Kinsler Fuel Injection) and to top it off, my racing partner built the engine. They just finished the engine and installed it on Friday.

He had a new type of electronic injection on the engine and it wasn't fully tested. It fouled out a set of plugs, and the engine quit.....I was talking to him for a full 45 minutes, while his son was trying to get a set of plugs. During that 45 minutes, not one other person stopped. Then one car stopped, then another, and shortly therefter there were about 10 people there.......

Small, small world......

1 - 4 of 4 Posts