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What are the Shelby alignment specs?

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I just did the Shelby drop on my 66, going to get it aligned today.

What are the specs?

I assume they were different than stock...
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0 camber

1.5 - 2.0 deg caster

1/8" toe in


-1 deg camber

2.0 - 2.5 caster

1/8" toe in


-2.5 camber

4 -5 deg caster

No toe in

The old Shelby specs. don't work well with todays radial street tires. The
track tires today are also so much better and can handle more camber.

Camber makes the tires wear on the inside on a street car. It all comes
down to what you are using the car for, how much the car is driven, how much
tire wear you are willing to put up with, and how well you want it to handle on
the street.
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On my 65 I have:

Left Camber -.10
Left Caster +2.10
Left Toe +.04

Right Camber -.10
Right Caster +2.50
Right Toe +.04

Works well for me...
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