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What carb. kit do I need?

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I need to get a carb. Kit for my 1973 302 mustang. I found one that, I think, indicates it is correct, but it does not have a new "Diaphragm Assy. - vacuum break". The instructions show one as part of the parts diagram, but no replacement is included in the kit. The kit is for a 2100-D carb.
So, I am hoping someone can help me get the right kit. The original data tag on the carb has on line one - D3ZF GA.
The second line has - A 3C 30.
Would really appreciate someone telling me what model carb I have, or how to use the tag information to get the right kit.
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I would rebuild it with the kit components, and get a choke pull-off and a nitrophyl float to keep just in case. I've had to replace the float in my 73's 2100, but not the pull-off, yet.
Also keep a stock of accelerator pump diaphragms. I have to replace that about every 3 years.
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