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What carbs work on 72 351c with stock air cleaner?

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Anyone know what carbs will work with the stock air cleaner? Car is a 72 vert 351c 2v. Has a performer 351 2v intake. Was considering a edelbrock performer 600cfm.

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My K&N aftermarket base didn't clear the fuel inlet for the performer 600 on my 351. You can buy an adapter that repositions the inlet for better clearence for about 10 bucks, but I used a 1" spacer between the top of the carb and the base since I already had one.

I'm pretty sure the stock base will also run into this problem.
Motorcraft, holley and just about any other after market 4v. It sounds like a sensible carb I've not ran a edelbrock.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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