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This will be a bit lengthy.
my 66 is a Z code ext. paint. However, Z code is listed as mettalic sage in my reference book. That is not the color it presently is. I like the repaint that it is, it is close to the 67 color lime gold. Since it is a daily driver I will probably have the present color matched and repainted. The interior is pony, and coded ivy gold, which I don't believe is an exterior option in 66. Could someone have matched the interior color and repainted it as such? It is very close to that. I have no Idea what mettalic sage looks like, is it close to ivy gold? Sorry for the rambling, I'm just very curious.

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Code "Z" for 1966 was Sauterne Gold and by the way you describe the color of your car it sounds like it's the correct hue. I drove a Sauterne Gold '66 hardtop in the late-eighties and many people would refer to the car as my "green" Mustang.

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Yep code Z. I know it well. It is indeed Metallic Sage, also known as Sauterne Gold.
Go to here:
and it shows both Lime Gold and Sauterne Gold in the same page. Yes I realize it's 67 page,
but the Z code looks the same here as the 66 color sample.
Obviously, you can't get a great deal of idea from this little splotch.

The Z code is not as green as the Lime Gold color. The color is hard to describe. I wish
I had a scanner, or I'd send you some pics. I like it, but it has to grow on you a little. I have
no idea what ivy gold looks like, so i can't help you there.

hope this helps.

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