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What do you think about these door panels?

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I was looking into purchasing deluxe door panels for my 67.
These caught my eye. Looked into it and found a guy selling them on ebay for 450$.
Seems kind of a lot for standard panels with aluminum trim stuck on them!

Do you think i could make them myself? The deluxe inserts cost 140$ on cj pony parts.

Here is the link to the listing: 1967 1968 67 68 Mustang Custom Door Panels | eBay

Would like to hear your opinion on the price/ making them myself with the inserts from cj's.

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The deluxe door panels are actually 4 pieces. The panel itself, the aluminum inserts, the aluminum lower grill and the aluminum trim ring that goes around the aluminum insert. So you would have to price all 4 pieces. Plus I don't think you can just add the 2 aluminum pieces to a standard door panel. Also, the standard door handles have a deeper bend than the deluxe handles so you have to change them as well. I know because my 1967 aluminum inserts were ruined by a previous owner.
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