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What do you think it would be worth?(64.5)

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I've got the chance to buy a 64.5 coupe(some of you may remember my previous posts on the "old" forum). After I fix the front frame, all it would need would be a cosmetic detailing(and whatever the next guy would want).
It's a unrestored U-code 170,3-speed,standard interior, plain jane coupe with spinner hubcaps. I know I could part it out, but I really hate to(especially when the cost to do the frame is low).

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Around Atlanta, 64.5 coupes that sound like they are in similiar cond go for 2000 to 5000 depending on the actual cond, and the seller.

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I'd agree with 2,000, especially since it's a 6-banger (25% deduct), 3-spd. ($500 deduct) combo. This is as basic as they got and it won't be on many people's shopping list. If you want to resell it, offer $1K (based on the need for the frame rail repair) and come up from there. Don't expect to make much profit on this car, though, if you have to pay anything close to or over $2K.

In #1 condition, this car is only worth about $7500.

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With the frame repair needed, 6 cly. and the 3 speed, I'd say $1500.

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Well, then I figure my initial outlay of $500 for the car is worth it. Thanks, fellas

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