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After decoding the data plate i found my car's birthdate of March 23, 1967. Out of curiousity i did a net search on that date to see what was happening back then.

Klingons were first introduced to Star Trek. "Errand of Mercy" Episode Number: 026

Final dubbing of "Getting Better" on SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND

Scrooge McDuck and Money was released.

Helix, Seattle's first underground newspaper, on March 23, 1967.

31 American casualties in Vietnam.

What happened on your cars birthday?


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How's this one for strange. We bought a very clean 67 coupe for our son. After getting the history 999 report on it from Ford we discovered that it's assembly date and his birthday were the same! Only 20 some years apart. He swears that proves that car was destined to be his and he'll never get rid of it. That's my Boy!

68 restomod coupe (sold)
69 Mach1
67 coupe - Son's
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