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hey again all, i'm about to finish the new suspension installation of my 67 fastback and will be towing it to the body shop shortly. which body shop, however, is curently in question. there is a guy who specializes in mustang restoration but i may bring it to a random local shop (who's done work on my 98 rodeo for me before) depending on price. i haven't priced either and want to know what you guys think a reasonable price would be.

this car will be a driver but i'd like it to look nice.

i need:
-front of doors fixed (small bubbling) and painted to match. also paint inside of doors to match interior.
-new front & rear valences fitted and painted to match
-sanding/repairing some small paint imperfections (spider-webbing, one drip, one rough area).
-fix very small dent above driver side door
-general body panel alignment and coercing repro fenders to fit (looks decent right now, say a 6.5/10 but i'd like a 9).
-various paint chips attended to (i estimate 4-5)

what can i expect to pay for such work? it's not a ton of stuff but i'm afraid it may bust my budget (which is SMALL).

many thanks!


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I recommend that you contact someone in your local Mustang club, or streetrod club. Your budget will probably drive where you go, or how much you do now.

Good luck.

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$1000 is probably a vague, in the ballpark guess. A lot of it is subjective - a "very small dent" may mean different things to you and me and will mean different amounts of time working it for the bodyman. Time = money.

The work you're looking to have done there, if you have a regular bodyshop that you trust, can easily perform that stuff (although I would probably take it to the Mustang place for body panel alignment).

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