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What is going on !!!!!

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I live in a small town of 30,000 in south western Ontario. More salt and snow than sand on a Florida beach. Thus you can count the number of classics on one hand. Since, 1988 there has been, a 65 2+2 clone, my 67 Fastback (moss green) and a 65 Convertible (plus the usual rod, and chevy crowd). This spring, when I finally got my 65 convertible restoration on the road the first day I crossed paths with about 10 other Ford restorations. A 65 convertible, 71 Mach 1, 69 boss, 3 - 4 coupes, and 4 cougars. They are all one the road this spring and I have not seen them in previous years. The question is.... Is this happening elsewhere as well. More importantly will the sudden interest push values down. Appreciate your feedback. thanx doug
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Doug where I am from ,It is interesting to drive through communities and to just look in peoples garages on a saturday morning.It is amasing how many cars a stored away.
Doug, I live in a village of maybe 200 people and we got 1-65 coupe, 2-66 convertibles, 1-66 2+2 FB, 1-70 428CJ Mach1, 1-70Mach1, 1-71 Mach, 1-73 Mach, as well as many others that rarely see the light of day. I heard from a close reliable friend in a dodge club that there is fabled to be a '71 Dodge Daytona in town that I'm looking for. A guy down the street has an all metal '33 Willy's. As far a values, the valves of all the cars seem to keep going up with age.
The more the better. Who cares about value I'd own my car if it were worth nothing and love it. I think that more people need to enjoy there cars more. Give a neigbor kid a ride. My car is a show car for the most part, but I wouldn't own it if it were just a piece of art that set in a garage and got pulled on a trailer (MCA). I haven't seen it happening here I hope it does.
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