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Ok dumb question time
289and 302 windsor - same motor(block etc) right?
extra cubes from longer stroke right?
351 windsor what is the difference this motor and 289/302
apart from cubes. Is it the same block as 289/302?

What is the difference between a cleveland and windsor 351

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The 351 windsor is a different block from the 289/302, but is still part of the Windsor "family". The 351C is what is also refered to as a 335 series engine. It is the same family as the 351M/400's. The Cleveland has canted valve heads and some of the blocks came with 4-bolt mains. There were also variations in head design within the series, 2bbl-4bbl with the best heads for street use being the"Australian" head as it was a closed chamber/high compression, small valve head. The 4bbl heads had large valves and don't make power at low rpm's. That's the basic differences I know of, I'm sure others have more info.

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The 289 and 302 are the same block with the only main difference being the extended skirts on the 302 blocks.
The 351W block has a taller (.0050") deck height and because of this is slightly wider. Also blocks cast from 69-71 are stronger due to the increased nickel content.
The 351C has thicker cylinder walls than the 351w and also heavier bearing webs which makes it a better choice for performance work.
Hope this helps.

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to the people who replied.... I have heard that all 289/302 parts should fit a 351W... including the intake, but since you say it has a higher deck height, does that mean I have been falsely informed?

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The 351W intake wil NOT fit the 289-302 engines. There are some parts that are interchangeable,but it's a short list.

Parts that are interchangeable

1.Heads can be interchanged if head bolt holes are enlarged or reduced,depending which swap you are doing.
2.Valve covers
3.Timing cover
4.Timing chain and gears
5.Camshaft and lifters
7.Water pump,fuel pump
8.Flywheel (65-81 289-302 only)
9.Damper (65-81 289-302 only)

Parts that are NOT!

3.Con Rods
4.Oil pan
5.Oil pump and Oil pump drive
6.Intake manifold

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