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What is the easiest way to remove the windshield

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I assume this has to be done to remove the cowl.
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Like Badcruz says, don't even attempt to remove the moldings unless you watch the video on youtube, and understand exactly how it works. Y MUST also get the right tool.
YOU WILL mess up your moldings if you don't.

Where can I pick up one of those tools?
Found this set at Harbor Freight

4 Piece Windshield/Door Trim Tool Set
Main thing is how are the moldings?
They are in decent shape. not the best but not the worst..

When everyone said molding I was thinking weatherstripping, not the metal molding
by molding we are talking about the metal pieces around the windshield, right
okay, isn't there also a rubber weather stripping around the windshield as well?
Yes, they are soft shiny silver, and are easy to ruin. Watch the video. You'll see how to use this tool.
Mustang Window Molding Removal - YouTube
Very nice video.

Now, what is the rubber behind the molding officially called?
1 - 7 of 28 Posts
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