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What is the easiest way to remove the windshield

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I assume this has to be done to remove the cowl.
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old hand can opener works great for drip rail moldings , just remember to wrap with electrical tape first .
A can opener? Wow! I suppose a front fender can be removed with a jack hammer!!
A can opener? Wow! I suppose a front fender can be removed with a jack hammer!!
Jack hammer would probably work with the right bit in it. My brother before he was old enough to drive bought a cougar XR7 big block. He couldn't get it started so he took an axe to the fender and I think he also broke the windshield. Lucky another brother was there to stop him or he would probably have destroyed it. This was back in the 80's.
What happened in the 80s?

A can opener? ...
He's talking about using the bottle opener hook to get them off. It is the perfect tool. Old body man trick.

Very nice video.

Now, what is the rubber behind the molding officially called?
The gasket is called weatherstripping. The gooey stuff is called bedding compound. The bedding compound almost filled up the whole area under the molding, on the cars I saw my Dad do.

When the molding is released from the clips when you try to pull it out, it comes slowly as the bedding compound gives, so be patient.

Jethro calls the bedding compound "possum slobber."
He's talking about using the bottle opener hook to get them off. It is the perfect tool. Old body man trick.
Oh, I'm confused thought we were discussing windshield molding. Please forgive me for jumping on the can opener ...a guy could get hurt that way! LOL

Plan on buying a new windshield seal/gasket. If you favorite parts place has two gaskets to chose from, spend the money on the better ones. The cheaper ones tend to split at the corners sometimes. Which you can't fix. You get to buy another gasket and do it all over again.
To save the glass I find it best to slice the rubber gasket to ribbons. I use one of those cheapo disposable razor knives with blades that have 8 snap-off tips. Really cheap at Wal-Mart. Buy two or three. I like them versus regular hardware store "utility knives" because the blades are flexible. You never want to "pry" against the glass. With the flexible blades if you accidentally do usually the blade will snap off. No problem, load another one. I'd rather snap a whole box of blades than crack a windshield.
I slice the rubber "away" from the windshield inside and out and all the way around. The glass is supposed to have "bedding compound" in between the glass and rubber. Over the years this stuff tends to harden up and act like glue even though it isn't. Some folks like to slice the rubber off the car. I don't as this tends to scratch all the way through the paint. If the car is to be repainted no big deal. Glass is very resistant to scratching as long as you are slicing along the side. Some folks will push glass out, I never do. I slice until I can push the glass away from the car from the inside at all four corners with just my fingertips. Double check to make SURE it's completely cut loose at the bottom center of the glass and the bottom corners (been bitten by that a couple of times). Then I find a helper. Each with one hand inside the car and one out we lift the glass up and back a bit then scooch a folded towel under the center bottom edge. Then we can set the lower edge on the towel and tilt the glass up on it. Then simply carry it over the hood.
You can, and I do, do this by yourself. But it sucks. If the glass has replaced it's likely thinner and lighter, much easier to manage. Original windshields are thicker and surprisingly heavy, especially for one person trying to reach over and support it in the center AND pick it up off the car. With only two hands you have to pick up a windshield by the edges close to the middle. With two people you can grab at the corners.
Worst come to worst, it's just a windshield. And you just can't beat a brand new windshield for being able to see where you are going, especially at night.
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