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Hi everyone. My 1966 coupe was born Sahara Beige (later painted red) with "Parchment Vinyl and Parchment Rosette Vinyl with Palomino" (D9 trim). I have a question about the correct carpet color. I understand this is a somewhat unusual combination.

As seen in the first photo, I found pics of a Mustang online that is supposedly very original. The carpet is a brownish color. The current color of my carpet (as seen in the second photo) is more of a tan color, matching the seats. I am sure it was replaced at some point. If I wanted to replace my carpet with the brown carpet, what is the same of it? Ginger? Saddle? I am having a hard time finding a match online, any feedback is appreciated.

Also, is there anything in the data tag that points to the correct carpet color for any particular interior group?


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