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boy, that makes me feel dumb haha

I've had a bunch of old Chevys and Volkswagens. I had never seen a light under the dash, or one that looked like these, without the bulb in it you have no context to figure out what it might be. That was a perfectly good question. ;)

I was going through a tech check in at a car show and they said "your glove box light doesn't work". I told them that my car must not have been a high enough trim package to have one, but it has the switch for the glove box door to strike. He pointed out that the light bulb fits into a socket on the back side of the switch housing and said " if you go get a bulb and put it in, we'll give you all 100 points for the tech check." I learned something new and got the points for the show.:cool:
1 - 1 of 32 Posts