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I have owned my 65 Fastback for 18yrs.
I am its 2nd owner, 78,000 orig miles.
Orig paint and int. Overall very good cond.
Orig Rad, fan, everything exept whats posted below.
Rust free Ca. car.
Its the best running car I have ever owned.
63A 7 29 17M 71 5RO9K 1658xx
Its Phoenician yellow with Palomino int.
In July 72 with 37,544 miles a mech at a Ford dealership lunched the engine on a "test" drive.
Ford rebuilt the engine with a bare block,
DIZM-6015-AA. Everything else looks right. Crank w ballancer, Rods, main caps, heads etc.
I installed a top loader 15 yrs ago 6RO7K15783.
orig RR= C5AW4888A
The car is radio delete. It also got a Cobra kit in late 65
with a small lettered intake, 65 shelby carb, alum open lettered pan and matching valve covers.
I am not interested in selling it, just curious what they are going for these days. Ballpark guestamate is OK.

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sounds like a very nice car,everybody feels diff about there cars and what the value should be
ive seen 65/66 k fastbacks in the 15k to 20k range,but ive also seen a few A an C code fastbacks bring the same as a k car
my feelings are this,options,color,orig cond,documents, will most of the time bring more $
bad color combo,incorect parts,poor workmanship,bring the price down
weve all seen the guy sell the GT k fastback for 25k-30k and then the guy down the street heres abut it
and says I CAN SELL MINE FOR THAT TO! the one for 25 was an extremly nice an correct car
the one down the street has been used for a daily driver for 20 years and needs everything under the sun to make it right.
in the end what it worth to you?
fyi, location [where you live ] is also a big factor on value
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