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What month did they begin selling the 1964 1/2???

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I am getting ready to sell my 64 mustang but was just wondering when they first starting selling the 64 1/2. I have read that the 64 1/2 is actually a 1965 so what is the real story? My father passed away last month and he always told me that he bought it in February of 1964 (my birthday) but then I saw where someone said that they didn't even start selling until April of 1964. If someone can help me out with this I would really appreciate it.
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As far as I know April 1964 was the first month.
April 17, 1964.
commit this to memory April 17 1964. The Biggest fan fare of a new car ever!
Yeah, April 17, 1964 is when the first car was dated and that was a 64 1/2. There was truly no such thing as a 64, just a 64 1/2. On August 17, 1964, they switched over to the 65 model.

So your dad bought it new? Are you sure you want to sell it? I would really have to think that over.
Pls. complete your profile.

I am very much interested with your car if you plan to sell it.
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