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We have a 1968 hardtop that we are going to mod and customize. We'd like to put some kind of modern front seats in (with head rests). We have heard that there are some seats from other models, years, maybe even brands that are a direct or near direct swap into a '68. Can anyone share knowledge and ideas about that with us?
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Well...the question is whether you want your seats to look stock with stock-looking upholstery pleating. As en example...for my '66 I went with 1973 Ford Capri seats:

I re-upholstered these in black leather...I wasn't a fan of the headrests so I removed them...but they do exist. What is more interesting for a '68 is that 1969-1972 Capri seats come with upholstery that matches that year:

The recline and tilt forward locking lever are also nice features. The downside is that to make it fit correctly in a classic mustang there is some cutting and welding of the seat frame needed(I took about 1.5" out of the height of mine...I suppose they might fit without that, but I didn't even try since I wanted to maximize headroom and legroom). Anyway, out of all the seat swaps I have seen, the Capri seats have the closest matching upholstery(depending on interior color) to the stock Mustang seats while retaining the same basic style and adding bolstering(less for the 69-72 than the 73-74 but still more than stock Mustang)
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