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The case looks to be iron and has 3 or 4 ribs going horizontally across it. The tag reads: WCZ-E 2 / 80 6FA 930
There is a casting in the case that says what looks to be:
6E31 and next to the tag its cast into the housing DIF 15.
I thought it was a 9" but I'm not sure. Thanks,Bob

On another note I'm making progress-I got the long fuel/brake lines in, I used "Corroless" on the entire rear undercarriage,got the diff out and the rear springs/shocks are probably going in on Fri(have class tomorrow). After that on Sat. I plan on doing the tail light harness and then hopefully the new dual exhaust. Kerosene bullet heaters are excellent! Too bad I was so worried about using it for the past 4 years, or maybe I'd have 2 Stangs ready for showtime!. Bob

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On a 9" on the lower 2 bolts that hold the chunk in are very tight clearence-wise. You can only get the bolts loose with a wrench. On an 8" there is clearence forwards of these bolts that enable a socket to be used.

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Yours is far from a 9", WCZ=E is the garden mill variety of the quasi- 8" installed in 65-67 Mustangs and 64-65 Falcons with a 2.80 ratio 28 spline non locking differential, it actually utilizes a ring gear of the 7 3/4" variety version of the 8" differential.

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