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WHAT THA? (ok its a rant, LOL)

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How does anybody afford to have their late model stuff worked on anymore? The electric window motor just went out on my 93 Bronco. Ford wanted $135 for the window motor and the aftermarket was $70. Thats still too much for a $20 motor. The little rebuild kit for $18( plastic gear and 3 chunks of nylon, sheesh) only goes up to 91 and I have a 93. There IS no rebuild kit for after 91 so you are just SOL.

I went down to the ABC and looked at the old rebuild kit and the nylon bushings were the same. The difference was in the big gear. I bought the $18 kit and fixed the sucker myself. To get the window motor out I had to DRILL HOLES in my freakin door panel. Thank you Ford (lack of) Engineering. I think I will pocket the $150 to $250 it would have cost to have it done. Take that and shove it you Ford Motor Company, YEAHHHH!!!! Ok I might be feeling a little good right now, LOL.

Before I celebrate too much I wonder what the odds are that the Ford Engineers designed my motor to play out about a month or 2 after the bushings in the gear mechanism go out? Curses, foiled again(uh, maybe), LOL.

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I know how you feel. Took the wife's Bonneville ( yea I know, GM) to the dealer for a water pump. I t was too cold out to do it myself and didn't feel like parking one of the Mustangs out in the snow to do it in the garage. Besides, how much can they charge for a simple water pump, right? $400 dollars later I got the car back! I looked and the thing wasn't even gold plated. I could have done a whole lot more to my Mach with that money.
It ain't over yet. All three pinion gears went out in my 88 Bronco within four months. Tailgate window was the worst.

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This is why the Vintage Mustangs are such great cars. Sure, after 30 years you'll find a lot of stuff to fix but most of it you can do yourself. And even if you have to pay someone to fix it, you still have a car that won't depreciate and may actually gain in value since you bought it.

I've notice some Modern Techniques in how the '78 Friggin' Futura was built too. In order to remove a window you have to bust off the rivet heads holding the glass to the metal sill and drill the rivet body out. To reassemble you need to get special rivets.

I never did understand Ford's philosophy regarding power windows. My '66 T-bird's driver side nylon gears are stripped and it beats the bejabbers out of me how to replace 'em. Don't even ask me how I had to adjust the power vent window so it will shut all the way...

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