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What time to car shows usually run to on Sundays?

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Just wondering if anybody can give me an idea of what time car shows usually run to on Sundays.

There is an "Anual Ford & Mustang Roundup" in Foxboro MA today , but it's already almost 3:30, and I am debating whether I should make the 50 minute drive there because I don't know what time it ends. The website sucks and tells me nothing and I called the information line and they say nothing as well.

I'm just wondering what time car shows usually run to on Sundays, do they run till dark?
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Don't know about MA but here in TN they normally fold up around 3-3:30 for those that start at 9-10AM

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Our show Ponies & Snakes Is from 10 to 3. It is a lot of work for us behind the scenes for clean up etc.
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