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What to do next?

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Finally! I finally took my mustang out for a drive! After 2 long months of hard work, sore backs and what felt like unlimited frustrations. I got to take my 66 out for a drive and my lord did if feel so good! The smile didn't leave my face for at least 3 days!馃ぃ but now I'm kinda stuck.... i have a list of maybe a 100 little things I could do. And like 4 or 5 things that I don't think are little but aren't super or important. Atm. So I guess I'm asking what yall do if you got your list of importants done?

Just so you can have an idea of what is done here is a rough list.
  • Brakes have all been replaced as well as the lines
  • Swapped the single bowl to a dual
  • Gutted and cleaned inside
  • Disassembled the whole engine and reassembled cleaned
  • Replaced waterpump, fan, radiator, alternator, all wiring harnesses, gas tank and fuel lines, front barrings (honestly can't think of all I've replaced but I know there is more)
Any suggestions on what to focus on would be awesome!
I'm not sure if i should focus on getting little details right or replacing things that are missing. Maybe I should get new rims and wheels....
I'm kinda lost...
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I would suggest driving it for another week and then decide. Usually things that need attention, surface during the break-in period!
I have about 150 miles on mine (after the restoration) and have had to rebuild the carb, fix a brake line leak and still trying to figure out why it has a miss.)
Oh the joy!

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start by figuring out what really annoys you, or what is missing that you really want, and prioritize your list of stuff to do that way. then get to it. do something every time you have either the money or time, or both available. you can also group a bunch of easy low cost jobs together and take a weekend to complete those tasks.
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