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what to do with the replaced pumpkin

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I replaced my 8" open 280:1 rear pumpkin for a 355 trac-lock pumpkin, it was cheaper this way
what should i do with my old one , is there any demand for these. , Its stinking up my storage room.
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Do you fish? Need an anchor?

I jest, but I am soon to be in the same boat with my 9" 2.75 open pumpkin. I think I will likely set it on the shelf for future use.... oh who am I kidding?! Get me a chain!
If the gears were quiet, you could get 50.00 easy for it from someone who has a rear was going south...that's less than the bearings would cost..

When I was younger and had a dual purpose car, I had 3.50's and a T-loc in the car for daily driving and street racing but had a set of 4.62's set up with a mini-spool for when I went to the track. I put a drain plug on the bottom of the banjo so swaps would be painless.

In the interim, you could put the carrier in a heavy duty plastic bag to cut the stench..*G*
I've got an 8" 2.79 peg leg and a 9" 2.75 pegger sitting on my garage floor. Actually, they cease stinking after a while out of the car. I've no idea what to do with them. If you find a use for them give me a holler.
Sell them or save em. They don't make those anymore. Cases are on fairly cheap now. But in 20 years your kids might make some dough! HA!
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