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What's a fair price?

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A family member has a 66 GT Convertible that he took completely down to the ground and restored. Every nut and bolt was replaced and nothing was left undone, I remember how picky he was when he had to sub out the work he couldn't do. He showed the car for about a year after that, and then he got remarried and it became a daily driver for a few years before he retired it to the garage underneath a car cover. It has sat now for the last 5 or 6 years with just a rare occassional drive here and there. I remember him telling me how if he ever sold it he would never be able to recoup the expense he was out for the restoration.

I would like to make him a fair offer on the car, but I have no idea what they go for in it's condition. I would say it is a strong #3 currently, but has the potential of being a strong #2 with a little elbow grease. It was in #1 condition before it became a daliy driver(it could have been a trailer queen right after it was restored), and every show he entered, he walked away with at least 1st place in his class. What I don't know, is if these were national shows or what.

This is a REAL GT Convertible A-code car.
Here's the Stats:
Was repainted candyapple red(not original color) has red pony interior, Center console, rally pac, automatic, power steering, mildly tweaked original 289 with the cobra dress up package. rally rims.
The restoration is around 10 years old, give or take a year.


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This may be a little off target and I am sorry if it annoys you. But... If you want the
car and you want to make a fair offer and he is a family member, What you need is a tactic
not a price. Investigate the local used market with him. Get a weekend paper and go look at
a few similar cars with him. It may take a few weeks but so what. You don't want to hose him,
you also don't want to pay full bore... remember you are kin. Also spill some Pepsi on the floor
on the passenger side while he is not looking. Then get some water and see if the cowl vent leaks.
he he he (just kidding)

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Haven't priced too many GT convertible A codes, because a fair price is always more than I've got *LOL*. Only Teebone can afford them /forums/images/icons/smile.gif.

I'd guess around $15k, though.

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If you really want fair market value, have an appraiser take a look at it.

I would think 15 -20k would be right for an authentic GT vert.

Coppertone's current condition:

I agree with the the masses I'd guess 16-17K, I payed close to that for my FB less than a month ago and the two sound very similar with the exception of the roof.

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To get the top, GOLD, award in the Concours Driven class at a Mustang Club of America judged show a car must earn a minimum of 665 points out of 700. 25 points are deducted if the exterior color does not match the data plate. Another 25 points are deducted if the interior does not match the data plate. Just a thought if the car was to be judged, originality is very important.

A red 66 GT convertible is one of the most popular and desirable Mustang, that turns heads wherever it goes. Most people do not consider concours originality, only quality of appearance. Since you are acquainted with the quality of the restoration a "fair" price to the seller should be acceptable to the "buyer".

If it would take less than $1000 to bring the car back to show quality $15-18,000 would be the starting price here in Southern CA. provides the asking prices nation wide.

Good Luck.

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See ebay# 567442831. It's what seems to be a nice GT convertible. Sold for $17,100 - right in the middle of Raven66's price range guidance.

Hope you are able to buy it! Dickson

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I couldn't agree more. traderonline would be a great resource for the 2 of you to review together. In Ohio, I'd say $15 - $18K for a solid #3 '66 GT Conv.

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I agree with these guys around $15-20K. Depending on condition and options. The color change could be a negative factor, but sometimes it's not, depending on you plans for the car. Basically it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Red is very popular and many wouldn't care about the color change because it looks great and that's the color they want. I looked around for many months before buying my GT 'vert and they were all in that price range, with the exception of a few pricey ones in the mid 20's for fully restored concourse show cars. Being it's family you should be able to work out a fair deal where both of you are satisfied in the end. Good luck.

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